How to Lead in a Crisis by Amy C. Edmondson

How to Lead in a Crisis by Amy C. Edmondson […]

March 11, 2021

How to Lead in a Crisis
by Amy C. Edmondson

Humility, transparency and urgency are the keys to successfully steering an organization — big or small — through the challenges that come your way.

In this issue of the Pulse, we share a video from the TED series “The Way We Work” wherein leadership expert Amy C. Edmondson provides clear advice and examples to help any leader rise to the occasion.


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Amy C. Edmondson, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School, understands that even the most experienced leaders can struggle to adapt when it comes to dealing with a crisis.

That’s why she believes that in times of crisis, it’s not the traditional leadership tropes of strength and confidence that are crucial when it comes to steering an organization through its challenges. Instead leaders that subscribe to transparency, humility, and a strong belief in their organization’s values inspire the most confidence in their direction.

“When what you know is limited, pretending that you have the answers isn’t helpful,” she said.

To learn more, watch How to Lead in a Crisis, presented by TED: The Way We Work.

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