Board of Directors Nomination


The deadline is June 22, 2017

The nominating committee is now accepting nominations for the 2017/2018 Board of Directors. 


Board of Directors Job Description

Described briefly below are the duties and responsibilities of each member of the Chamber Board of Directors.

  • Each Director will assist in the development of policy for the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Each Director is expected to accept the responsibility of his/her specific committee and see that all functions are carried out to successful conclusions.

  • Each Director will assist in “Business Plan Development” by actively participating in the Annual Planning Conference and by proposing a sound Business Plan for his/her respective committee to accomplish.

  • Each Committee Chair/Co-Chair will recruit and involve the best available committee members to assist in carrying out their proposed program.

  • Each Director will demonstrate loyalty to the Chamber of Commerce and strive to develop good working relationships with all elements of the community.

  •  Directors will show willingness and a desire to gather broad input from the membership and submit to the members, for their decision, as many matters as they are willing to act up


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